Legal Transcriptions

About APT

APT Transcriptions has established itself as a market leader in legal transcription, since inception in 2000 keeping confidentiality and efficiency are key service parameters.

APT Transcriptions is a Sydney based owner operated business. APT Transcriptions specialise in providing timely quality transcript to NSW Government based clients.

APT Transcriptions was commenced by Renee Quinn who has been the managing the day to day operations ever since.
APT Transcriptions started from humble beginnings providing transcriptions services to government clients on a small scale.

As APT Transcriptions proved outstanding ability and quality over time, the company has grown to be a large scale provider to NSW Government providers. This has come through hard work, determination and the ability to maintain quality and provide efficient service on a larger scale.

APT Transcriptions has now established itself as a majority service provider of transcriptions services in Sydney. APT Transcriptions provides legal transcriptions and police transcriptions on a large scale to numerous NSW Government clients. APT Transcriptions is justifiably proud of its achievements due to high work ethics and dedication to perfection in all aspects of the business.

Government clients require a high level of confidentiality and efficiency which APT Transcriptions has continued to provide on a day to day basis throughout the years. The number of NSW Government clients reflects the company’s ability to keep providing at the high standard, service level that has been set and which APT Transcriptions has continued to maintain.