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APT Transcriptions has established itself as a market leader in legal transcriptions, since its inception in 2000 keeping confidentiality and efficiency as the key service parameters. APT Transcriptions is a legal service provider of transcription services to government departments, corporate businesses and legal fraternity all over Sydney. APT Transcriptions specialise in legal transcriptions, transcription of interviews, records of police interviews, medical transcription, conference transcriptions and all forms of recorded materials that is required in written form.

APT Transcriptions provides a large volume of legal transcriptions to NSW Government Departments, corporate businesses and members of the legal fraternity.

APT Transcriptions provide legal transcriptions on a required basis but generally a 5 day turnaround is standard and APT Transcriptions emails the transcripts directly to you upon completion.

Renee Quinn is the Managing Director of APT Transcriptions and has over 12 years experience in the industry. APT Transcriptions is an innovative and efficient provider of all types of legal transcriptions and the service and efficiency is second to none.

What APT Transcriptions do

APT Transcriptions provides a large scale, quality time efficient transcription service to NSW Government Departments, corporate businesses and members of the legal fraternity.

If you have any form of sound content that is required to be typed into a word document, APT Transcriptions can transcribe this for you. APT Transcriptions can transcribe from all formats but if you are unsure, Renee Quinn Managing Director, is happy to speak to you in relation to advising on types of formats or types of machines that may be suitable in your situation.

APT Transcriptions can transcribe the sound content and have it back to you faster than you are able to do it in your own office. APT Transcriptions transcribe all day and are highly efficient at achieving this. Don’t waste time with your own office staff doing this, let us take the problem away and return it to you via email upon completion.

All APT Transcription staff undergo security checks and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the highest integrity of staff and maintain a high level of security for client’s content and work.

APT Transcriptions offices contain CCTV footage to ensure every security measure is in place to maintain the high standard of security expected by APT Transcription standards in providing confidential legal transcriptions.

APT Transcriptions provides transcripts on a standard 5 business day service but can offer shorter timeframes where and when required.

Our Advantages

Established long term client base
NSW Government approved
Transcription services based in Sydney
Client satisfaction
Long term management

Our clients

NSW Police Service
Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
NSW Maritime
NSW Food Authority
NSW Corrective Services
NSW Fair Trading
NSW Health Department