Transcription Services Sydney


APT Transcriptions specialises in the transcription of all types of recordings. These recordings can be legal transcriptions, police interviews, interviews, conferences, speeches, presentations, court transcripts or anything that is recorded that needs to be transcribed into a word document.

APT Transcriptions can transcribe from all forms of formats, including DVD, audio recordings (WAV files, MP3), cassette tapes both large and small. APT believes that it doesn’t matter what sound format that you use, it is most important that the sound is of good quality as the better the quality of the recording, the better the transcript that APT Transcriptions can return to you. If you are unsure that the format that you have can be transcribed by APT Transcriptions, please contact APT Transcriptions via the company’s contact page and APT Transcriptions will get back to you with further information.

APT Transcription's standard service for all types of transcriptions, whether legal transcripts, interviews or otherwise, is 5 days.

APT Transcriptions are able to provide shorter services for transcripts depending on the client’s needs and availability at the time. Generally, the more notice that is able to be provided, the better APT Transcriptions can provide the service required but 5 days is always achievable.

APT Transcriptions also provides a record and transcribe service using a portable system of FTR Gold. The more time available when booking this service ensures a better quality set-up recording and overall outcome.

  • • Transcribe from all forms of audio and DVD format
  • • Transcribe from both large and small tapes.
  • • Standard service is 5 days but shorter time frames can be delivered.
  • • APT Transcriptions also provides a record and transcribe service.


If you require more information or would like to discuss your job, please call or email Renee Quinn to assist you further.

Ability to transcribe from:

• Audio recordings
• DVDs
• Tapes